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Water Hardness

What is your spray water quality? Please report your Water Quality Results.

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Amidas+D Urea

Amidas is a unique granular, homogeneous fertilizer that is soluble and efficient.

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Amidas Urea

Fertilizer Crop Nutrition

Feed your crops with all necessary nutrients Nitrogen, Potash, Kali, and Phosphorus. Whatever you need dry or liquid bulk or packed - Rack supplies all types of fertilizer.

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Chemicals Crop Protection

Everything you need to protect your crops against weeds, pests or deseases. Vast range of best pesticides, herbicides or insecticieds from BASF, SYGENTA, or BAYER.

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Rack Petroleum Ltd. (the Rack)

Rack Petroleum Ltd. (The Rack) is a Saskatchewan based independent ag retail. The Rack offers a wide range of products including: fuel, bulk fertilizer (dry, liquid, and anhydrous), crop protection products, seed, bulk glyphosate and custom application. The Rack not only provides a wide range of products and services, but also assists farmers through consultation, ensuring each farm is as profitable as possible.

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  • Fuel Delivery

    Schedule and order your fuel delivery online. Use iPhone / iPad or go online and book your delivery in advance in an easy and convenient way.

  • Consulting

    Agronomy consultations are available from the team of more than 12 agronomists working in different fields. Our expertise is at your disposition. Call now or contact us online.

  • Guide to Crop Protection

    Find and Download or read online the Guide to Crop Protection.

  • Contract Services

    Have contract services with the Rack like field scouting, malt barley program, or all crop agronomy program. Within this program you will get SOIL TEST,FERTILITY PLAN, IN CROP & DISEASE SCOUTING, YIELD COMPARISON.

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