"RacketeerTM" storage tanks for Bulk glyphosate.


"RacketeerTM" - what is it?

"RacketeerTM" is the bulk glyphosate tank and handling system. A new way to safely and efficiently handle your glyphosate needs.

"RacketeerTM" - weed killer!

Kill the weeds using bulk glyphosate and the Racketeer tank, Racketeer is an efficient weed control program by Rack Petroleum. Prepare a suitable weed program, to control the weeds you know you'll see in your crop. Having a plan to protect your crop against weeds that you already know will be present, will make all the difference in obtaining maximum yield. This will ensure that you are prepared to spray for the right weeds in the right time frame, to get better results. Scrambling at the last minute to get the right product applied in the most suitable time frame often has poor results. With the currently high grain prices you don't want to have even two days of extra weed competition.

Handle your glyphosate with:

The RacketeerTM Bulk Glyphosate Handling System consists of a fully contained, 8000 L tank fitted with a pump and metered flow system to allow for quick and efficient use of bulk glyphosate right on your farm.

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