"Ultimate YieldTM" -the new approach to crop production management.


Ultimate Yield TM -what is it?

Ultimate YieldTM is new approach to crop production management. The program rates the 7 factors that determine ultimate yield. As the farm manager plans and makes decisions about his crop protection that decision is rated on a scale of 1 to ten for its impact positive or negative on the ultimate yield for a field. Every management decision is rated And therefore helps crop producers to measure the impact each decision has on determining the ultimate yield.

More on Ultimate Yield.

The program is essentially a check list or report card on the farm manager's decision making process, as well as a yield predictor based on the impact each decision makes in determining yield. The manager is able to evaluate each decision In an easy to use checklist allowing him to re-evaluate the impact that decision may have on limiting yield. Rack crop consultants assist each farm in striving for 10/10 management decisions. The sum of which improve yield and profitability.

Three Ultimate Yield options.

There are three agronomy programs within Ultimate Yield MachineTM to choose from:

The Ultimate Yield TM Program is the most recent and extremely advanced program incorporating variable rate technology VRT of fertilizer application during seeding is an in-depth look into the relationships between topography, nutrient levels, and vegetation patterns within the field. The balanced nutritional package is formed by Ultimate Mapping Soil Fertility plan which utilizes analyzed aerial and NDVI (Normalized Differential Vegetation Index) images

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