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Fertility Planning or Crop Management is part of Precision farming or precision agriculture. So let's talk about what exactly is Fertility Planning or Crop Management. There is an agricultural concept that relies on the existence of variations of nutrients in a field. The approach is based on study of these in-field variations and presenting a certain plan for a particular crop grown in the given field. This fertility plan includes information on how much of what kind of fertilizer and in what place should be given in order to optimize the yield.

Soil Mapping

Picture on the left hand side is an example of Soil Mapping done for the one of the fields of the Bulani Agro, in November 2001. The test was done on the field NH16-39-14W3 for Phosphorus containing in the soil. Once the picture of your field has been taken then you need a specialist to interpret these colors for you and prepare the report. Precision farming is the complex approach to the Crop Management task comprising study and research of a farmer's field or fields. One of the compponents of precision farming is Soil Mapping.

Soil Mapping is a computerized work to create digital maps for the farm fields. These Soil Maps contain information on soil properties that a farmer can use for designing his Fertility Plan. Soil Maps show the distribution of soils or other soil map units in relation to the prominent physical and cultural features of the earth's surface. The scale of the map will depend upon the purpose to be served, the intensity of land use, the pattern of soils, and the scale of the other cartographic materials available.

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